A Melbourne (Australia) boy born and raised, I am currently living and working in Hanoi, Vietnam where I’ve been for just shy of three years.

I have a bachelor’s degree in communications majoring in journalism from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and a masters degree in international relations from the University of Melbourne.

I’ve travelled and worked extensively in South East Asia. 

I’ve been a content writer, a marketing and communications executive, a copyeditor, tech start-ups, and a number of NGOs, and a journalist for media outlets in both Vietnam and abroad, .

I write about the environment, COVID-19, the tech sector, media and communications, religion, culture, food, and business more generally. I tend to focus on macro-economic factors, policy, and the broader impacts and challenges facing Southeast Asian enterprises.

If you need a skilled journalist with a knack for finding neat stories, gathering high quality research, or finding super interesting subjects to interview, then shoot me a message and I would be happy to do what I can.

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