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COVID and Kamala

Kamala Harris will be in Vietnam in August to discuss a range of joint initiative.
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G’day G’day, welcome to Vietnam Today for Saturday July 31. Let’s get straight into it with the COVID numbers. There were 8,624 new cases recorded in Vietnam today as of 7 pm this evening. There were an additional 145 deaths recorded bringing the total to 1,306

This gives the country a mortality rate of about .9 percent well below the global average of 2.1 percent as of today according to John Hopkins. 

In other COVID related news Danang and Hoi An have now gone under Directive 16 restrictions.

Kamala Harris to Visit Vietnam in August

United States Vice President Kamala Harris will visit Vietnam in August. This comes on the back of a visit from US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin. There is no word yet on dates or who she will meet with. Although the bigger and more important question is what they will talk about?

The South China Sea – or East Sea – as it’s known here will most definitely be a prominent feature. But will Vietnam raise the ‘hostile policies’ of the US toward Cuba that it has previously been outspoken about? Either way, it will signal how Vietnam sees itself as a diplomatic player in the region and the world more broadly.

Questionable medical information

Online newspaper Zing is spruiking Three Ways To Prevent COVID entering the body one of which recommends using mouthwash. This is despite Johnson and Johnson, the makers of Listerine saying “no evidence-based clinical conclusions can be drawn with regards to the antiviral efficacy of Listerine Antiseptic mouthwash”. Zing goes on to recommend gargling with salt water or green tea as an alternative.

This is part of a concerning trend of questionable medical advice making it into the mainstream. Earlier this week the Ministry of Health issued a statement retracting advice it had issued earlier on traditional and herbal medicines that could be used to treat COVID-19. This was met with a swift a backlash from doctors and medical professionals hence the retraction.

Disqualification puts local hurdler through to finals

In sports Vietnam has booked a place in the semi-finals of the 400 metres women’s hurdles.  Quach Thi Lan,came fifth in her qualifier but when Jamaica’s Leah Nugent was disqualified for a lane foul, Quach was bumped up to fourth and into the semis. According to VOV this will make her the first Vietnamese person to make it to the semi-finals of an athletics event.

Also on the Olympics, returning athletes have not received the warmest reception on local social media. The Vietnam News is reporting a number of insults have been hurled at athletes who failed to win a medal.

Motorbike caravans heading north

And finally, some good news, the Vietnam News has reported that thousands of people stopped in Central Vietnam travelling in motorbike caravans of up to 500 people from Ho Chi Minh City to as far north as Lao Cai, have provided medical care, food and free bike repairs by law enforcement and local citizens before being sent on their way.

And that is for this Saturday July 31.

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