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It’s important people know there is a freight train that runs from Hanoi to Belgium and celebrities are testing people for COVID-19

G’day G’day, welcome to Vietnam Today for Wednesday August 4. Let’s get straight into it with the COVID numbers.

A total of 177,813 of COVID-19 have been recorded in Vietnam up to 6.30 pm this evening. 

There were an additional 256 recorded today bringing the total to 2,327.

This gives the country a mortality rate of about 1.31 per cent getting closer to the global average of around 2.5 percent.

It’s also been reported that quarantine has been cut in half for foreign arrivals that have been fully vaccinated presumably to help foreign nationals returning home save some money and make room in designated quarantine facilities.

The freight trains a comin’

A couple of weeks ago a train left Hanoi for Brussels. Word is that it’s the first cargo train to make the trip all the way from Vietnam to Belgium. This is not particularly interesting. It’s good, don’t get me wrong. Greater connectivity between Asia and Europe has fantastic economical benefits. What is strange, however, is the amount of times this has been covered by the local press and I can’t help but wonder to what ends?

Viet celebrities become medical support staff

A bizarre thing that’s apparently happening now, is that Vietnamese celebrities are suiting up and heading into areas that have been locked down and are performing COVID tests, taking swabs from suspected cases and the like. 

This is part of this kooky public relations trend in Vietnam of celebrities running to the frontlines of all sorts of natural disasters. Earlier this year a famous comedian raised several million dollars for flood victims that it turns out he never ended up handing over. At least not until recently, six months after the floods that left over 100 people dead. He said the delay was due to the death of a friend and a cancer scare which had prevented him from travelling to the region to hand over the money himself. 

It has not been made clear why he couldn’t transfer the money to an aid organisation to disburse.

Likewise it’s not clear why celebrities would risk contracting COVID-19 when they are not medical professionals. Nor why they would be given tasks like testing potential COVID-19 patients when they could do something far less risky that takes a lot less skill like say delivering food.

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